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Strength Lies in Family

Dear friends in life, as of our recent AGM, Elaine has joined the board of directors – welcome back Elaine, and thank you for your devotion to the cause and for all the work put into LARLA by you and your late beloved Phil. Also, while remaining on the board as website and newsletter coordinator, Adam has stepped down as VP. Adam, we owe our appreciation for your past work and ongoing commitment to the cause, all the while balancing your business, career, and a baby on board. I accepted to be appointed president for one more year, after which I will step down to lead the way for the next president. Please contact me if you or someone you know could be more involved in LARLA. Please refer to our website and follow us for more info on how you can help. A word for the days ahead: family. Reflect on the meaning of family and what it means fundamentally for our society, for, as Pope JP II put it, the future of humanity passes by way of the family. Validate every family you meet and encourage them in their love. Don’t be afraid to affirm in them, by your words or actions, what a great witness they are to the culture of life that we so desperately need. Each loving and well-formed family is a sturdy, perennial flower which outgrows the weed of selfishness that stems from abortion. Please be assured of my prayers.

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