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Pro-Life on Campus

This year Western Lifeline has reached a variety of both student and non-student members of our London community with wide-ranging discussions and presentations, each providing fresh perspectives on how to change hearts and minds on abortion and make our campus more pro-life. Our events covered pro-life apologetics 101, heart apologetics, pro-life strategy, biology, and euthanasia. We also hosted an amazing panel of girls who are current university students and are pregnant or are raising children, who demonstrated that young women could achieve both motherhood and education at the same time. Most recently, we had two powerful guest speakers who shared their personal experiences with abortion, why they regret their abortions, and what advice they have to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering an abortion. Our last event of this year will be a presentation by two directors from the London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre.

During club’s week we had the opportunity to reach out to students in person and we had many good conversations with interested students. Given that this year was mostly virtual for clubs, we were able to involve a range of guest speakers to inform our club members on how they can join in the fight for the pre-born. Last semester we took the opportunity to reach out to local high schools, letting them know about our club and we gave a guest pro-life apologetics 101 presentation at a local Christian school. We are incredibly thankful for the donation we have received from LARLA, which has helped us reach a wide range of individuals with empowering talks and open their hearts up to the fight for life!

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