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Life Chain in London, Ontario

October 3rd was a bit of a rainy day. As covid has changed our lives so much, I wondered as we drove down Richmond Street if anyone would be at the Life Chain. We decided to go and even if there were only a handful of people, we would give witness to life in the womb. When we arrived at the intersection of Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street we were pleased to see a few folks had already gathered with their signs. By the time we parked a few more people trickled along. Over the next 10 to 15 minutes to our great delight the lines in three directions began to fill. When we arrived at our chosen spot the quiet murmuring of the Rosary could be heard. There were roughly 95 witnesses for Pro-Life that gathered that day and we were encouraged by some passers by who honked their support. The aid from heaven is the only thing that will change the hearts and minds of those who have fallen into the deception of the Pro-Choice movement. What has happened to people that they would choose to end the life of an unborn child? God only knows yet we hope we can change those same hearts and minds through our witness.

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