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LARLA Relies on Your Involvement

Let’s pause and glance over this past year. I would like to acknowledge the ones who continue to live out the pro-life message despite the pandemic. January was a busy month as we transitioned to a virtual office. Note that LARLA pays for mail pick-up at the same address, 341 Talbot Street. Shout out to Maria who temporarily worked at the beginning of the year as social media and office assistant; and Allison, who worked in the same way for us during the summer. I also am very grateful to those who recently joined the board and who are generously responding to the call to be more involved with pro-life work. Currently, LARLA is run by volunteers only, most of whom have busy day jobs. I truly appreciate the hours they’ve put in to answering emails, making phone calls, attending to the website, and coordinating events.

While gatherings and events are restricted, improvement and focus on design, accessibility, and credible content of the LARLA website is an ideal approach to making London and area more educated on the value of human life. As of September, the board decided to dedicate time and effort towards the building of our new website. Visit to follow our progress.

LARLA relies on members to put ideas into practice and fulfil their year-end goals. So, you might ask, what can I do? Here are a few ideas: First, if you want LARLA to make changes or approve an event, if these changes or events reflect our mission, consider proactively making them happen. Suggestions are great, but even better when our members make them their own responsibility. For example, the 40 Days for Life activity this year, as well as an online prayer event were both actions brought about by members of the organization, not just the board members.

Also, our upcoming AGM will be scheduled for February 27, 2022; save the date and attend the meeting to learn what’s happening and how you can help. Finally, during this time of giving, please consider making a Christmas donation to LARLA, through cheque or online donation.

The Christmas season somehow always brings us, if we let it, into a quiet ambience of prayer. St Augustine said, “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” The more we pray, the more we see clearly what must be done to make the world and the people around us more pro-life.

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