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Days of Prayer for the Unborn

Hundreds of communities across North America, including 9 cities in Ontario, simultaneously hosted a “40 Days for Life campaign” from September 22 to October 31, 2021. This year LARLA didn’t register officially, but thanks to Vito Norejko’s initiative, we had our days of prayer as well. It was a truly blessed and educational time. The corner of Wellington and Commissioners was ideal to hold a public pro-life prayer. You could direct your prayers toward the Victoria Hospital notorious abortion ward and at the same time pray for those thousands of drivers passing by; the people who could end the carnage. The street view was puzzling, there was so many faceless single drivers, indifferent to reality. You could sense the level of distress they must continuously endure. You could read it from their eyes; there was no passengers with them, but their faces were tightly covered, likely in defence from the deadly invisible enemy. From time to time, we could hear a shriek coming from one of those drivers. It sounded like a desperate call for help, and we felt obliged to pray for them, so their fear would recede, their human faces restored, the world around them set free and the carnage ended.


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