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A Call to Renewed Strength and Hope

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Welcome to new beginnings as the school year starts. My message today is a call to renewed strength, enthusiasm, and hope. Our strength usually comes from God; He is counting on our eagerness to do His work for a more pro-life community. While all of you are contributing to the pro-life cause personally, please consider joining our board of directors so that you can bring your ideas and talents into the organization.

The terms as president and vice president are swiftly coming to an end, and we invite you to step up if this is a role you feel called to fulfill. I am willing to accompany any new directors to familiarize them with LARLA's main operations. As a board of directors some of our ideas might clash but we all have the same goal. Our vision for a more pro-life culture is what moves us effectively in the right direction. I only ask potential board members that they never lose sight of this goal.

Commitment varies but consists generally of an hour each month for board meetings where any events or activities are entrusted to small committees. Any additional time would be based on each one’s ability and willingness. If you are interested in joining the board, I'd be happy to chat! All ages and religious denominations are welcome, the only requirement is that you share our pro-life mission.

Our future as an organization depends on the courage and willingness of those who step up to lead. The pandemic has altered our society in profound ways. We are encountering increased animosity towards the fundamental belief of the protections inherent to a human life.

I believe hope will be crucial in the next years. The unborn can give us hope, but they must be protected, they must be given a chance. Will you help?

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